Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 27: 3/29/17 - 4/5/2017

Work Accomplished

This past week I presented my poster at QUEST (see the image below); a conference hosted at our university for our university's students to present their research. I also checked over Alyssa's generated keywords and I generated my own keywords for our without eye-tracking keyword predictions. It was difficult to think of keywords that might be important for tag prediction, but that Alyssa hadn't already thought of before. Finally, I ran my pre-processing scripts (which I combined into one script) on our collected eye-tracking data.


Weekly goal(s) - In the next week, I will be using DataBricks to run Apache Spark on a small dataset from the Kaggle competition. This will get me introduced to using DataBricks for keyword prediction, so that we may use it on our data.
Long-term goal(s) - Predict keywords by modifying the process of a propose method for keyword prediction in a Kaggle competition by incorporating eye-tracking. We will also predict keywords without eye-tracking and compare the two keyword sets generated. These keywords inform our tags, so determining them will tell us which pieces of code and/or text in a StackOverflow document are pertinent to tag selection.


  1. QUEST poster presentation completed
  2. Checked over Alyssa's keywords and added my own
  3. Ran pre-processing script on collected data

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