Thursday, April 6, 2017

Week 27: 3/29/17 - 4/5/2017

Work Accomplished: 
This week, I finished the list of Keyword AOIs from the 9 tasks in our Stack Overflow study. I sent them to Jenna to check, but I found it easier to do a manual analysis than waiting for the data to export. I also presented 'Improving Stack Overflow Tag Prediction', the first half of our study, at Youngstown State University's QUEST, a forum for undergraduate and graduate research. Jenna and I presented a poster. We are also using Databricks, a virtual analytics platform, to run Apache Spark. I uploaded the train data from the Kaggle competition as a cluster and I'm going to run a bigger file (also part of the Kaggle Competition) to see how the two compare against one another. We are then going to take our participant fixation data and run it in the online forum. 

Weekly Goal: Get Alex scheduled to participate in the study. 

Future Goal: Start writing the abstract for the second half of our study to be submitted. Finish the data analysis. 

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